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Take a tour of Avery Farm! Every Sunday at 2:00 Click here for more information.
April 6,2014   Sue Sutherland led a hike on Avery Farm at 2:00 and shared the following:
“What a day!!  We had about 16 people on the hike.  I showed them fairy shrimp from the vernal pool close by.  Then a pair of sharp shinned hawks greeted us, then there was a great egret in the marsh/bog, then you could hear wood frogs, then a kingfisher, then ring necked ducks.  As I was about to leave the area and go to the fields, there was an osprey fishing above the marsh/bog – backpedaling with its wings.  One of the people had just asked if there were osprey up there! Everyone LOVED it!”

GOSA News Spring 2014Click on the newsletter icon on the left for the spring issue of GOSA News. It comingles the wonderful work GOSA volunteers have been doing on our open space properties with in-depth features on three of the creatures in our midst that depend on us to protect and/or restore their habitat: monarch butterflies, the American eel, and oysters and is a reminder of how fragile life in the balance truly is.  We also share upcoming events and our promising progress on the acquisition of Avery Farm. Celebrate spring with a visit to this beautiful property!

Happy Spring!   Avery Farm Fundraising Update

Since launching the fundraising campaign last December, GOSA has raised $100,000. We have $1,066,000 left to raise. Two generous donors will match 100% of donations in 2014 up to a total of $100,000 – so you can double your contribution, even triple it with matching funds from your employer.  On March 31, GOSA will apply to the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection for an open space grant.  With your continued help, we hope to close on this unique property with its outstanding habitat soon. Click here to donate online and here to learn more about Avery Farm, called “…one of the most biologically diverse and  valuable sites for conservation in eastern  Connecticut” by Dr. Robert Askins,  Katherine Blunt Professor of Biology, Connecticut College.



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March 26, 2014    Happy Birthday Sidney Van Zandt!

This past Saturday, March 22, 2014, 150 of Sidney’s  closest friends came together to celebrate her 80th birthday at a party at Shennecossett Yacht Club in Groton.  Not only were her extraordinary contributions to land conservation in the region recognized, but the many nautical adventures she and husband Sandy have shared were highighted as well. Click here to read Steve Fagin’s wonderful celebratory blog on Sidney posted on March 22, and click here to see the award from the CT legislature that Andy Maynard and Elissa Wright presented to her at the party.


March 15, 2014   Sidney Van Zandt receives award for excellence in land conservation!

The Connecticut Land Conservation Council awarded the 2014 Katchen Coley Award for Excellence in Conservation to Sidney Van Zandt, founder and currently Vice President of Groton Open Space Assoc., Inc., for her decades of service to the conservation movement. GOSA was born in Southeastern CT in 1967 with the battle to preserve the historic Haley Farm. This achievement was soon  followed by the preservation of Bluff Point State Park and Coastal Reserve, The Merritt Family Forest, the Sheep Farm, Candlewood Ridge, and with your continued support, Avery Farm. Congratulations, Sidney! Click here to see Sidney’s awards.

March 6, 2014  A few weeks ago, officials of the town of Ledyard announced a plan to close Lambtown Road Extension, the dirt road that runs alongside Avery Farm, year-round. Hikers, bicyclists, and runners will still be allowed through. Read more in the Feb. 22, 2014 article written by Steve Fagin of The Day.

Avery Farm GOSA Instant News


December 10, 2013

Click here or on the GOSA Instant! News Alert image to the left to read our wonderful news!

December 9, 2013   Go to our volunteer page to catch up with our progress at Candlewood Wood.





GOSA News Fall 2013

October 29, 2013     

It has been one year since Superstorm Sandy walloped the CT shoreline. The media are full of reminders this week of its tremendous impacts on people and property.  Our fall issue of GOSA News is dedicated to an exploration of changes happening in our seas that indeed affect us here.  We also share with you GOSA’s activities and accomplishments over the summer and fall.  Please click here  or on the newsletter image  to read more.

October 18, 2013   GOSA’s annual meeting was held on Wednesday, October 16. GOSA members and friends enjoyed refreshments and some socializing before GOSA President Joan Smith opened the business part of the  meeting shortly after 7 pm.  Joan, Vice President Sidney Van Zandt, and Treasurer Sue Sutherland delivered their reports,  directors and officers were elected,  and Spotted Salamander Awards, our highest honor, were presented to seven of the eight honorees. The meeting adjourned to listen to our featured speaker, Professor Robert Thorson. Click here to read Joan’s annual report.


Salamander Award recipients for 2013, above, left to right: Girl Scout Troop 65660: left to right, Eliza Williams, Katie Fairbank,  Emily Ray troop co-leader  in back row and  Molly Ray in middle row.  Not pictured from Troop 65660: Amelia Anderson, Aine O’Donnell, and co-leader Kristin Fairbank.; Girl Scout Cassandra Cini,  first on left in middle row; Eagle Scout Russel Parker in center of back row; Mikayla Beebe to the right of Russell followed by Lon Thompson and Fred Ruszala. Front row, left to right, Joan Smith, GOSA president and awards presenter, and Eugenia Villagra. Award recipient not pictured: Mhari O’Donnell.


Robert Thorson, UConn professor and stone wall expert, educated and entertained the rapt 85+ GOSA members and friends in the audience. Lili Kane, with her back to the camera, advanced the slides.



The Sheep Farm waterfall on Saturday, June 8, after the storm. See Jim Anderson’s video. Photo below by Jim Anderson.

Sheep Farm Waterfall image2







chipper party 3.13


Go to the Groton Town Website for a complete schedule of town meetings. The only town meetings listed on this GOSA page will be those of expected special environmental interest. Once you are in the town schedule, click on the calendar displayed and move forward and backward with plus and minus signs. For a video of  Town Council meetings, click on GMTV on Groton home page and then on Streaming Video.










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