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Definition of intevenor

In law, intervention is a procedure to allow a nonparty, called intervenor (also spelled intervener) to join ongoing litigation, either as a matter of right or at the discretion of the court, without the permission of the original litigants. The basic rationale for intervention is that a judgment in a particular case may affect the rights of nonparties, who ideally should have the right to be…

Tri Town Trail Gala announcement

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The Cicada Killers Are Coming by Tim Heffernan Forget the cicadas. Right now, the insects who eat them are about to invade suburbia. These creatures have some of the oddest behaviors you’ve ever seen.

Federal Government Pushing Ahead with Plum Island Sale,0,3311122.story MINEOLA, N.Y. (AP) – The federal government’s plan to sell Plum Island, an animal disease research lab off eastern Long Island, and move operations to Kansas took another step closer to fruition on July 30 when the General Services Administration issued an environmental review recommending that the sale proceed.

Deaths of Manatees, Dolphins and Pelicans Point to Estuary at Risk By Michael Wines The Indian River estuary in Florida, an ecosystem that supports more than 4,300 species of wildlife, is buckling under the strain of decades of pollution generated by coastal Florida’s explosive development, many fear.

SCIENCE TIMES | April 02, 2013 BASICS: Nature’s Drone, Pretty and Deadly BY NATALIE ANGIER New research suggests that dragonflies may well be the most brutally effective hunters in the animal kingdom.

GOSA News Fall 2012

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Note To Readers: Website Editor Stepping Aside

After nine years as editor of, I am stepping aside on Aug. 1, 2011, in order to make time for some long-deferred personal projects. It has been a privilege to provide information to readers about preservation of open space and other land-use issues. People who know and care about these matters are necessary for…

GOSA, Avalonia Lead Hikes For Trails Day

GROTON–GOSA led several hikes June 4, 2011–including one that was a first–across protected open space in Groton in connection with Trails Day, sponsored by the Connecticut Forest & Park Association in 115 Connecticut communities. The Groton activities included a long walk, conducted by GOSA with the Avalonia Land Conservancy, from the Poquonnock River to an…

Nelson Merritt’s Memories Of Farm Life Added To Website; Career Also Described

GROTON — The GOSA website has posted a 1,500-word article by Nelson Merritt about the Fort Hill Farm where he grew up, a 75-acre portion of which now is The Merritt Family Forest. Also added to the website is a newspaper article describing Mr. Merritt’s remarkable post-farm career as an engineer with significant achievements in…