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GOSA Statement on CAA Bluff Point Logging Proposal Jan. 2017

BP Logging statement for GOSA News Alert Jan 2017

Canton Republican Calls for Constitutional Amendment to Protect Open Space by Steve Majerus-Collins | Jan 14, 2016

Cluster Development: Remarks Made by Salem S. Shapiro, Storch-Shapiro Associates

On February 20, 1969, Salem S. Shapiro, A.I.P. of Storch-Shapiro Associates, Engineers and Planning Consultants, addressed the Connecticut Association of Conservation Commissions in Wallingford, CT on “Cluster Development ….and certain trends in governmental control of land use that are important to Conservation.”  

Bringing to Mind Connecticut’s Lands of Auld Lang Syne By Syma A. Ebbin

SE Bringing to Mind Connecticut’s Lands of Auld Land Syne

Jonathan Reiner Interview GOSA News Spring 2015


An Interview with Jim Markow, Oyster Farmer By Liz Raisbeck

In 2002, Jim Markow opened an oyster hatchery in the former marine research lab at the end of Main St., Noank. The Noank Aquaculture Cooperative consists of eight oystermen, including Jim, working the Long Island Sound waters and providing seed oysters to other oystermen up and down the Northeast coast.  The pleasure of eating local…

Connecticut’s Parks, Forests Could Use Real Protection: Editorial, The Hartford Courant, January 20, 2014

Did you know that  the majority of conservation land purchased by taxpayers and owned by the state of CT is vulnerable to transfer or exchange by the Connecticut General Assembly or the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection? “Requests” for state land are processed with some regularity, and though many are denied,  the way these requests…

“Natural Allies for the Next Sandy” by Henry Fountain

Published on October 28, 2103 in The New York Times The floodwaters from Hurricane Sandy had barely receded in New York last fall when the suggestions started coming for ways to keep the city and other low-lying areas safe in future storms.   Higher flood walls and more bulkheads were needed, some experts said. Others called for even…

Town Limits Development of NY’s Plum Island

Encouraging news: NY town eyes limit on use of Plum Island