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Great Thicket National Wildlife Refuge

Great Thicket National Wildlife Refuge Over the past century, many shrublands and young forests across the Northeast have been cleared for development or have grown into mature forests. As this habitat has disappeared from much of the landscape, the populations of more than 65 songbirds, mammals, reptiles, pollinators, and other wildlife that depend on it have…

GOSA News Fall 2016


Edith Fairgrieve

Edith Fairgrieve, a former GOSA director and one of four beloved pioneers of the Groton land conservation movement, passed away on August 4. A memorial service was held in her honor on Sept. 12 at 11:00 a.m. at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Mystic. Click here for more infomation about Edith’s conservation work with GOSA and…

Constitutional Amendment to Protect Your Public Lands Is Necessary Now by Eric Hammerling, Connecticut Forest & Parks Association

“If I knew that the land I donated to be a State Park could be so easily given away or sold for different purposes, I never would have made the gift in the first place.”  Anonymous donor Prospective donors of land, neighbors to public lands, users of public lands, and citizens who believe in good…

Town of Groton Open Space Greenbelt Map

Cluster Development: Remarks Made by Salem S. Shapiro, Storch-Shapiro Associates

On February 20, 1969, Salem S. Shapiro, A.I.P. of Storch-Shapiro Associates, Engineers and Planning Consultants, addressed the Connecticut Association of Conservation Commissions in Wallingford, CT on “Cluster Development ….and certain trends in governmental control of land use that are important to Conservation.”  

Life Growing Up on a Farm: A Conversation with Judy Weber, Owner of Avery Farm By Liz Raisbeck

Judy Weber’s Life Growing Up on Avery Farm

GOSA News Fall 2015

GOSA News Fall 2015

Saving A 300-Year-Old Colonial Settlement Site In Connecticut by Reggie Hall

The Conservation Fund published the following article in March 2015. The town of Groton, Connecticut, has a long history dating to before its incorporation in 1705, and the 63-acre Sheep Farm property is part of that history. When the Groton Open Space Association (GOSA), which works to save historic and open space, needed to act…

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