HARTFORD — Konover Development Corp. is withdrawing its site plan for a Wal-Mart Super Center on Route 184 in the Town of Groton and will file a new application after it responds to comments and questions from the Office of Planning and Development Services, Diane W. Whitney, an attorney representing Konover, said April 24, 2008.

However, Ms. Whitney said, “We will go forward with the wetlands application for this property which is currently under consideration as presently scheduled.” Ms. Whitney works in the Hartford office of Pullman & Comley, LLC.

Ms. Whitney notified the OPDS of Konover’s intentions in a letter to Matthew Davis, town planning manager, which was copied to Marjorie Shansky, attorney for neighborhood interveners opposing the project, and to GOSA, also intervening against the project. The 37-acre tract involved is in the watershed of the Groton Utilities reservoir system.

The Planning Commission, which last year turned down a Konover previous application for a Wal-Mart Super Center on the same site, had been expected to consider the new site plan at a meeting May 13. The commission was operating under a deadline of June 21 for a final decision. Konover is appealing the Planning Commission’s 2007 denial of its application to the New London Superior Court, even as it has filed the new plan–and now withdrawn it.

Ms. Whitney said, “It is apparent that more time will be required to respond to the comments and questions from members of the Town’s staff than is possible given the statutory time constraints for dealing with applications such as this, so rather than rush to respond to the comments, Konover has decided to withdraw the application, prepare full responses, and file a new application at a later date.”

She said the new site plan application might be changed from the just-withdrawn plan and suggested that expert review be suspended until new plans are filed.

The Inland Wetlands Agency, which in 2006 approved an application for the project, is scheduled to consider planned modifications to the project at a meeting May 14.