GROTON — A condition imposed on Mystic Woods by the Zoning Commission Dec. 5, 2007, enlarges the buffer between some buildings in the project and the boundaries of adjacent properties, the Office of Planning and Development Services said Dec. 6, 2007. (See story immediately below for background.)

The buffer enlargement–to a minimum of 100 feet from the 75 feet specified in the Active Senior Housing section of the town zoning regulations–would apply to property boundaries at the north ends of Hemlock and Stonecrest roads and to several properties on the southwest side of Hemlock. However, a sizeable stretch on the west side of Hemlock is excluded from the condition.

At a Nov. 7, 2007 hearing on the project, the focus regarding buffers was on the distance between buildings in the project and neighboring buildings, rather than the property boundaries of neighbors. Under a developer’s concession announced then, the nearest house would be 207 feet from the nearest ASH building–on a structure-to-structure basis.

The impact, if any, of the shift on numbers of buildings in the project was not immediately clear. Zoning Commission Chairman Stephen Hudecek pointed out during the deliberations that the proposed change would not necessarily require any reduction in numbers of buildings.

It is clear from the plan that the location of some buildings would have to be changed, though the vast majority already conform to the mandated change. An OPDS planner declined to estimate the number of buildings–as opposed to dwelling units– that would have to be reconfigured, moved or removed as a result of the condition. A GOSA guesstimate–but only that–might be six buildings, of which two already had been scheduled to be relocated or eliminated in accordance with a proposal by the applicant Nov. 7, 2007.