GROTON — The applicant for a Floating Mixed Use Zone for Groton has amended its application, considerably reducing the area to which it would apply.

The applicant, L & L Groton LLC, notified the Office of Planning and Development June 5, 2007, that it would exclude from its proposal the Industrial Park zones and four development “nodes” identified by the 2002 Plan of Conservation and Development.

The Industrial Park zones comprise some 1,200 acres, of which more than 700 were undeveloped or underdeveloped as of publication of the POCD.

The amended application also excludes the following nodes: Mystic, Noank, City of Groton and the Institutional Node along Route 215 and U.S. Route 1.

The nodes that would remain subject to the Floating Zone would be Downtown Groton, the area around Route 12 where it is crossed by I-95, Route 12 near the Ledyard border, and the area near the intersection of Routes 117 and 184.
An Industrial Zone proposal for greenfields development is expected to resurface in some form. Atty. Timothy Bates, representing L & L Groton, said in a letter to the Planning Commission:

“We are aware of interest in exploring the possible creation of mixed-used communities in a part of the industrial zone. However, given the concerns raised to date, we believe it would be advisable to take additional time to identify what portions of the industrial zone should or could be so developed and what specific development restrictions should be considered before allowing mixed uses in greenfield areas, including open space goals.”

He said that “Planning staff has questioned the advisability of including the entire industrial zone as a potential site for mixed use, and the Groton Open Space Association has expressed concern about extending mixed uses into the undeveloped industrial park absent more detailed objectives, particularly regarding protection of open space.”