GROTON–The Town Council defeated March 15, 2005, a proposal by Councilor Elissa Wright to allocate a portion of revenues collected in Fiscal Year 2005 under the increased Real Estate Conveyance Tax to the town’s new open space land acquisition fund.

The vote against the proposal was 6-2. Voting against the open space measure were Councilors Thomas J. Skrmetti, Frank O’Beirne, Catherine Kolnaski, Mayor Harry Watson, Natalie Burfoot-Billing and Peter Bartinik. Mr. O’Beirne asserted the measure would be a “back door” means of devoting money to open space. He said contributions to open space should be a “specific amount, argued about and agreed.”

Voting for the proposal were Councilors Wright and Paulann Sheets. Ms. Wright had said it appeared that the amount that could be put into the open space fund this year under her proposal could total some $120,000.

The council didn’t vote on two other open-space related proposals by Councilor Wright. (See Feb. 26, 2005 story.)