GROTON–GOSA filed May 12, 2004, verified notice of intervention in the Inland Wetlands Agency’s hearings on the 63-lot Great Brook subdivision application.

The move, under Section 22a-19(a) of the Connecticut General Statutes, gives GOSA an official status in the proceedings.

In its notice, GOSA contended that “the…construction and operation of the proposed subdivision and individual septic systems involved in the…application, are reasonably likely to have the effect of unreasonably polluting, impairing or destroying the public trust in the air, water or other natural resources of Connecticut.”

The 125-acre subdivision, proposed for a tract north of Gold Star Highway, would drain into Great Brook, main tributary of the Groton Reservoir.

GOSA had intervened in earlier hearings on a previous, sewered version of the project that had involved more than 100 lots. That version was withdrawn when it was determined that sewering would not be permitted in the sensitive area, and the 63-lot, septic-systemed version succeeded it.