The times of transmission (timeoffs) on articles appearing on the GOSA website require some footnotes.

1. The website technology was switched to a new system on April 18, 2010. Prior to that date, timeoffs on most items reflect the date of the event they describe, rather than the date of posting to the website. (Exceptions include forward-looking or analytical articles not pegged to any particular event. These bear the date of posting.)

2. As of April 18, 2010, timeoffs designate the date and time of day of posting.

3. Some but not all standing articles — as opposed to news stories — have dates that are not actual. This is because the technology requires a date, but we didn’t want these stories to appear in the lineup of recent items. These articles are marked with the footnote Timeoff-A, with “A meaning artificial.  This Note to Readers is one such item.  Its timeoff of  Jan. 1, 2000 pre-dates the startup of the website by about 27 months.

If you have any questions about a particular article or the matter in general, please either post a comment or send your query to

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